Boost your IT Service Desk

ExpressDesk reduces your Service Desk's workload by making the best use of Skype for Business features integrated with Remedy. Several automations help completing Remedy tickets automatically, driving down costs while increasing the level of service of your service desk. 


Make your customers happy

Your customers like the ease of use of Skype for Business. They like immediacy, and they like the possibility to do screensharing or send files or screenshots easily to described their issue.

With ExpressDesk your Service Desk can meet your customer's expectations while keeping it easy for Service Desk agents to make your customers happy.



Manage, Optimize

ExpressDesk captures key data and metadata about your Service Desk's activity.

ExpressDesk provides handy and simple Reporting features that help managing your Service Desk : Identify activity peaks, Optimize the planning of SD agents, measure agent or team efficiency, report on KPIs, implement SLAs,...








Simple and Intuitive

ExpressDesk provides a Single Point of Contact to the IT Service Desk, easily accessible by every employee in your organization.


Upon starting a conversation with that Single Point of Contact, the ExpressDesk ChatBot answers and attempts at helping the end user.
It can use its integration with BMC Remedy, for instance to retrieve the list of Open tickets, to perform conditional processing based on user profiles or to search for answers to user questions through the Knowledge base.

Simplify Agent operations

Conversations can be transferred by the ChatBot to Service Desk agents, based on skills and availability.


When Service Desk agents accept the conversation, a Remedy window appears integrated inside the Skype for Business window. This convenient setup provides all information the agent might need right in front of him.

Information about the customer are pre-filled, and some fields (categorization, summary,...) can be pre-filled base on the employee's answers to the questions of the ChatBot.

In case the employee asked for an update about an existing ticket, that ticket is automatically displayed.

expressdesk integration between Skype for Business and BMC Remedy

predefined messages sends messages automatically

Decrease Agent workload

Amongst many features that help automating common actions performed by service desk agents, "Quick Messages" is probably the most oftenly used.


To avoid typing the same sentences hundreds of times per day, Agents can select predefined messages that are sent automatically, saving them the time to type the message. This saves a few seconds, but multiplied by the thousands of times per day when this feature is used, it accomplishes great time and costs savings


Files sent by either party are automatically saved in BMC Remedy.


File transfer is a common thing when it comes to providing IT Support. With ExpressDesk, when the employee or the service desk agent send a file, the file will automatically be saved as a new entry in the work info log of the active ticket, saving the hassle of manually finding and attaching the file in Remedy after its transfer through Skype for Business.

Skype for Business Presence displayed in BMC Remedy Incident console

Skype for Business features in Remedy

ExpressDesk enriches BMC Remedy features by displaying employees and support customers presence through Skype for Business in Consoles and tickets.


Service Desk agents can easily see which customers are available and start a chat about an open ticket in one click. In such case, the selected ticket will automatically be displayed inside the Skype for Business window on the agent side, while on the employee side, the conversation will appear as initiated from the Single Point of Contact. Employees can use their PC, MAC, Mobile Phone (iOS or Android) or Tablet to interact with their IT Service Desk.





Tailor-made Solution

Every Solution Architect will tell you the same: a Solution is composed of 3 key elements: People, Process, Technology.
To get the most out of that fantastic tool you just discovered, we can provide you with:

  • ITIL-oriented Process Consultancy services
  • Best Practice Training for your People.
  • Building Customized features in BMC Remedy and/or Microsoft Lync.






















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